Essay: Causes of Failure of Euro-Disneyland

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Essay: Causes of Failure of Euro-Disneyland

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Failure of Euro-Disneyland is clearly attributed to the lack of understanding of a foreign culture that resulted in enormous loss of capital and human efforts that took a long time to be replenished again.

One of the major problems was that Euro-Disney operating procedures were mainly derived from their earlier successful settings (Clotaire, 1995 cited in Packman, & Casmir, 1999).

As said by Human resource manager of Euro-Disney Land (cited in Packman, & Casmir, 1999) p6):

“The Americans took what was done in the past and implemented it here. They brought the techniques. Disney has what we call ‘Savoir Fair’ or the knowhow of certain things like the animation, creating the magic etc. But there was no market study at the beginning and if it there was, it was largely insufficient.”(p.6)

Secondly, the clash between the American and French officials in an effort to maintain their own traditions was also a major challenge for Disneyland. “There were several difficulties. Even Just the metric system was a challenge. The Americans did not want to use the metric system” (interview with French negotiations interpreter, 1996 cited in Packman, & Casmir, 1999, p.7)

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