Essay: Case of Dale Inc.

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Essay: Case of Dale Inc.

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The way that Ms. Earnhardt dealt with these challenges was exemplary as she by maintaining quiet control was able to create a feeling of a silent and strong leader while at the same time her constant monitoring allowed her to make sure that the employees remained on their toes. However, there was an issue of lack of presence which had to be reviewed by Ms. Earnhardt as it could have major repercussions on the competitive position of this organization.

What I would have differently would have been to take myself a more dominant figure rather than a quiet presence as I believe that assertiveness can go a long way in maintaining the leader’s position in the company. The fact that it is a male dominated market means that Ms. Earnhardt would have to go even further to prove her case and herself as she by being a woman is already a case of much skepticism. Hence, she would need to make extra efforts in order to prove herself to the company and to the competitors.

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