Sample Essay


The organization is Dale Inc which has annual revenues greater than 20 million dollars. As a result, of the death of the owner, there had to be a change in the ownership in order for the corporation’s growth to be sustained. The organization was a part of the stock car racing market and had four race teams along with a number of other business ventures.

The widow of the previous owner; Teresa Earnhardt, decided to take on the responsibility and the sort of leadership style adopted by her was a lassize-faire style. At present, she is allowing the team to co-ordinate the decisions along with her and is not adopting an aggressive style of leadership in which she would be dictating the terms and actions to her employees. The advantages of her leadership style are that she by allowing the employees to feel that she has full faith and trust in them is creating a motivated and dedicated team force who would want to pursue the corporate objectives.

Her leadership style is also more cautious hence, allowing her to take cautious decisions and such which are decreasing the added costs and adding value. However backend approach would result in the company having to meet fierce resistance in a male dominant society as she is operating from the scene and needs to take a more definitive and accessible approach.

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