Essay: Business strategy called One Ford

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Essay: Business strategy called One Ford

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Mulally has an extremely charismatic personality with an openness and warmth in his embracing attitude and ability to make a believable and passionate conversation.  In the year 2009 as well, Alan Mulally was named the “Leader 2009 of the Automotive Industry”.  Due to his outstanding leadership position, Mulally had exhibited his transactional leadership skills at Ford in order to develop and implement the successful business strategy called “One Ford. This strategy was based on restructuring the whole Ford Company at the current levels of demand, the introduction and launching of new products and financing these actions through the use of synergies between the staff working at Ford all over the world.

Mulally has always been a great achiever, challenger and risk-taker. During his career, Mulally has been responsible for the developments of various models of Boeing aircrafts and repositioning the company’s image and production during the most critical period of automotive industry. The perception of Mulally regarding leadership has been “to be a leader is to be a true servant of all”.  His attitude towards the betterment of business and society reflects that he serves his customers, employees, and stakeholders. In his opinion, the more one has the perspective as a server, the more inclusive leadership and greater respect for people’s ideas can attract the followers towards the personality of a leader. (Robert, 1990)

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