Essay: A Business Leader of Ford Motors Company

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Essay: A Business Leader of Ford Motors Company

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Mulally proved to be a top-class business leader by exhibiting a good knowledge of business and finest demonstration of his leadership skills. While being at Ford Motors, he initiated the restructuring plans to bring back the market which was declining and losing its share previously. Due to his tactical business strategies, Mulally was able to bring profitable years to Ford Motors.

                        Due to his good anticipation for the upcoming financial downturns, Mulally kept protecting the company against recession and other economic crunches.  The management style that he adopted was fruitful for the Ford Motors Company in the long run. For example, he had made several agreements with the United Auto Worker, and it benefited the company in bringing down the costs of its labor.  About him, it is said that he was such a person who had taken Ford out from bankruptcy made it to be a global leader in the field of auto manufacturing. His levelheaded style of leadership had enabled the Ford Company develop its operating plans and facilitate the alignment of the corporate culture with those plans. Today, the Ford car is considered to be highly modernized with sophistication and is meant for the prominent elite society while being a status symbol at the same time. (Robert, 2002)

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