Essay: Bio-Rad Company in the bio-tech firms of USA

Sample Essay

Bio-Rad Company is one of the brightest names among the bio-tech firms of USA. Company started its operations in 1952 in California with two big names David and Alice Schwartz. Confronting a rigorous struggle in the field of bio-technology for more than 50 years, Bio-Rad has sustained its position to be a market-leader.

Over a period of time, Bio-Rad came out with some very profound innovations including Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV), T-4 (thyroxin) thyroid test, tests for cardiovascular disease, lead poisoning, and anemia, introduction of electrophoresis products, tests for HIV and Hepatitis, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or “mad cow”) test etc. Today, Bio-tech is a global company with operations in a number of countries and worldwide product supply. Its Biotechnology Explorer science educational program has opened new horizons for university students. Bio-Rad has a strong leader ship and proficient HR management that creates a healthy and decentralized organizational setting resulting in a highly committed and diligent employee base. This leads to a strong organization called Bio-Rad which rules the industry and create high value for its customers (Bio-Rad laboratories, n.d).

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