Essay: The Big Clock

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Essay: The Big Clock

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A psychological thriller, The Big Clock, though not as famous as some films of its genre makes use of some awe-inspiring black and white cinematography that is used throughout film’s length. The convoluted plot and the sharp dialogue allow the viewers to remain glued to the seat, ensnared by a slickly produced film about the modern media industry.

All the elements of such a film are included from a superficial boss who makes use of his authority in order to suppress those working beneath him. This very manipulative and self-obsessed nature is all results of working in such an industry which thrives on the creation and sustenance of such ego-maniacs.

The film centers on an oddity which is repeatedly used throughout the film; a big clock which reads the time around the world. This fixation of the boss; Mr. Earl Janoth, describes the eccentricity of people attached to the media industry.

This very fixation of Janoth becomes the measurement scale for the rest of the characters lives, some who are living in a state of constant fear while others try to seek reasons for a crime.(Meyer 1998)

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