Essay: The Big Clock Story

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Essay: The Big Clock Story

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George Stroud’s meeting with the unhappy mistress of his boss is depictive of many scenarios in which the women connected to men in the media business have to suffer either from lack of attention, from having to share the man’s attention or simply form their own insecurities.

The mistress of the magazine’s boss suffers from the same state of unhappiness and hence, uses George Stroud as an anchor to get through the night. This very attempt to share each other’s woes and problems results in their biggest problem.

George is portrayed as a man who is suggesting the aftermath of his momentous decision to quite a job which though he was pretty successful at, was unable to exercise the level of control and authority that he should have. (Meyer 1998)

Being a common problem of people in the lower strata’s of the media society, George is represent of the proletariat. A man who is bound the wishes of the boss to the extent that even his much awaited trip has to be cancelled.

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