Essay: Barriers against the unionization

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Essay: Barriers against the unionization

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In no time, a huge number of employees, most of them being women, became a part of such unions. The motivation came from the need for a significant change in the organization. According to some of the employees, they had spent more than half of their lives at the organization and now it was time to see a significant change.

However, this process of unionization was not as easy as it had initially been thought. There were a number of barriers that caused obstacles in the way of unionization of women workers at the organization (Judy, 1993). One of the barriers against the unionization was the favoritism showed by the company for those employees who went against unionization and took some steps to keep them from developing any further. Another barrier faced by such unions was the active steps taken by the employers to ensure that their employees either leave the unions or sabotage them. Following such practices, the employers use carefully selected sections from law to threaten the employees who are determined to continue as organized unions. The employers regularly communicate such collection of sections to its employees to ensure that the employees remain unaware regarding their actual rights.

Other industrial factors that play the role of barriers against unionization are the limitation of interaction between the employees, industrial standards regarding the extensiveness of work and the level of autonomy of employees in the industry. Another trick played by the employers to get rid of unionization is the promise for pay raise and other incentives for its employees. In such a scenario, the employers exert the point that there is no need for unionization when the employees are getting their equitable pays without any waste of effort.

Thus, there are a number of barriers against the unionization of employees and specifically women workers. Employers use every tool to ensure that the employees remain unaware regarding unionization. One of the tools used is legislation itself that claims to be impartial and which itself has constructed the rights of workers.


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