Essay: Barrier faced by women

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Essay: Barrier faced by women

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The observational study gave a profound insight into a culture that is in contradiction to the modern norms and yet had been upheld by people because it is internalized and not merely followed.

While conducting this study, the first barrier that I faced was that the women were not eager to talk to strangers. They were very conservative in their answers and feared reprimand by their male relatives as well as the Mutawwa in case they were found to be participating in this study.

Secondly, females were not allowed to step outside alone and talking to women in groups was barely likely.

Last, but not the least, another barrier for this study was the time factor, as women opened up after a lot of effort and talking, and when they contributed their idea fully, there wasn’t much time left to take in all the information that was floating.

The additional observations that I would like to have made would be how men and women get married given the fact that there is such strict segregation among the genders. Other observations would be that once married, what is the nature of interaction between husband and wife and how their relationship develops over time and how many years it takes for them to get settled versus couples which have had a pre-marital relationship.


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