Essay: Background of British Petroleum (B.P)

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Essay: Background of British Petroleum (B.P)

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British Petroleum (B.P) is a company that deals with oils and gases. The company serves the international community in general. This is greatly enabled by its enormous size as it is the fourth largest oil company in the whole world. This is in terms of the amount of revenues it is able to realize per annum.

It is situated in London in the United Kingdom. It is used in exploration, production, distribution as well as marketing of its products. It entails some renewable sources of energy which includes hydrogen, solar, power harnessed from the wind as well as bio fuels. Its operations run over the whole world in about eighty countries. This is because it is able to produce many barrels of oil each day. In addition it has many service stations in the entire world which are about 22,400.

The company has also been involved in a number of safety and environmental issues. This has made the company to receive criticisms from all over the world especially for being involved in politics and influencing its direction. It has been accused for contributing to climate change. This is because it emits lots of gases in the environment especially the green house gases. Despite its efforts to reduce its emissions, it has not been able to curb the situation.

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