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The first two approaches were regarding an avoidance strategy while the last two were in terms of variation in the way the individuals talked and assessed the situation. The results proved that in most of the situations, it was seen that the participants preferred lack of initiative taken by the friend to help pout or provide socio-emotional support.

The responses were coded according to “mention, “do not mention” and lastly, “ambiguous”. The only scenario in which friend’s assistance was relatively welcomed was the broken relationship instance while all the other scenarios were met by a stance of “being not mentioned”. The major effect of including the ambiguous option was that without this option the results were not proving to be significant according to the chi-square methodology.

For all the six options, there was not any clear preference as such as to when the friend should actually mention the situation and when it would be considered to be appropriate. The gender bias was avoided by this survey as this would have colored the findings.

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