Essay: Attributes that Xenophanes has associated with god

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Essay: Attributes that Xenophanes has associated with god

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God’s commands are quite clear from the scripture and it is depicted that as the Israelite army marched into the city of Jericho and in the words of the Bible “utterly destroyed everything, man and woman, young and old, and ox and sheep and donkey, with the edge of the sword.” If Xenophanes was to comment on this and his beliefs were to be applied, there will be a strong criticism concerning the scripture. As Xenophanes has given out an outline regarding how deity must be like and how the scripture portrays God definitely doesn’t fit the description and attributes that Xenophanes has associated with god. The scripture describes, how god mercilessly commanded the army to kill everyone and even the innocent children, men and the elderly.

As Xenophanes has described that god is an entity that is devoid of sin and malice, he does not indulge or command anything that is unlawful. Especially in this matter whereby, god ordered the army and ordained the killing of innocent in order to punish the entire race for deeds f a handful of people. The entire race includes young children and even infants, who are completely sinless and are not only involved in the matter of the world yet and subjecting them to such a painful death is a monstrosity. Furthermore, punishing humankind is a different case and in this scripture the lord ordained the killing of animals as well. (Ford, 2004, P.p 57-60)

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