Essay: Attracting more Viewers on TV

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Essay: Attracting more Viewers on TV

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This is a case of an attempt to gather the interest of the younger generation and the fashion driven people who would given priority to such things. However, when such news becomes international news than that is a pure waste of time and effort especially in the case of the news channels.

The world at the time was seeking to gain maximum awareness regarding the policies and the cabinet selections of the elected President rather than what the First Lady was wearing to the evening ball.

With time, these sorts of activities to attract the viewers have shown an increasing trend which highlights the sense of competition which has risen amongst these channels to attract more and more viewers. The situation in certain sub-Sahara areas in Africa is quite deplorable but the sort of media attention that has been given to it is even more deplorable.

These news items can have a huge influence on safeguarding the rights of millions and though the news items regarding the Grammy and Oscars might certainly be beneficial to the viewers, the greater interests at large have to be considered.

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