Essay: Assisted Suicide

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Essay: Assisted Suicide

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Death is an undeniable fact about life and old age signifies exactly how close one is to death. Old age brings with it complex ailments that cripples an individual’s body and minds; however, the substance of this prose will not focus on old age and the distress that accompanies it, but the prose will concentrate on a thought-provoking piece written by Susan Wolf on the ethics associated with ‘assisted suicide’ or euthanasia that described how she coped with the conflict between her values as an opponent of euthanasia and the fact that her father was terminally ill.

Before delving in greater detail of the subject, it is best to first define exactly what is meant by assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is a controversial act whereby, an individual aids anther individual; usually terminally ill, in helping the end their lives in order to put an end to their suffering.  Assisted suicide has close associations with the phenomenon of Euthanasia. Legalization of Euthanasia and assisted suicide has been the subject of countless heated debates and there are many people who strongly oppose the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia.

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