Essay: The article” Competing for resources”

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Essay: The article” Competing for resources”

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The article” Competing for resources” focuses on the resource-based view that allows a firm’s workers to focus on a strategy. Allows Michael Porter’s Five forces analysis to be discussed along side the internally focused competing-on-capabilities view. This focus allows the various considerations of varying companies sizes; physically, financially and workforce strength to be acknowledged. By doing so, the company can follow such a policy which allows it to make the best use of its own resources.

The competitive ability of a company is described as the strategically valuable resources which allow the company to perform in better ways than its rivals by making use of its physical, intangible assets amongst some. An example of Marks and Spencer was quoted to explain the viewpoint. The aspects of a valuable aspect were shown as hard to copy, slower rate if deprecation, company controlling value, better than competitors.

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