Essay: Approaches for providing support during distressing situations

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Essay: Approaches for providing support during distressing situations

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The paper outlined the necessity for the friend to identify different ways to approach the friend during distressing times and when approach is required and in which cases it isn’t. The research consisted of 113 participants and they were given three specific situations questions regarding the different distressing situations that could come up and their response to each as part of their public speaking course and out of which only ninety five ranked them in the manner required.

In the six questions regarding the specific scenarios, there were one hundred and thirteen participants again but in this survey, the first three questions were answered by fifty seven students and the remaining asked the remaining last three questions. The first research was conducted taking into consideration questions such as for a troubling scenario, would the individual’s preference be sharing the problem or avoidance, across multiple situations and lastly, the display of general preferences.

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