Essay: The analysis of trust-building in airbus

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Essay: The analysis of trust-building in airbus

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The model shows in figure 9 could be used to analysis the issue of trust-building in airbus. The recent organization-level failures have taken place as a result of the four internal organizational components.

Firstly, the leadership factor has given rather disappointing results in comparison to the success of other corporations due to the private agendas of the top management. Secondly, the culture in the airbus is multiple but not stable. Thirdly, the strategy of restructuring the group is not relevant to the organization’s situation. Fourthly, there are some issues with the structure itself. The organization-level failures cause great damage to the level of trust prevalent.

 Trust repair.

 Research suggests that broken trust can be repaired (Gibson&Murnighan, 2002) (Mishra 1996) with much depending upon the violator’s response (Brodt & Whitener 2002).

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