Essay: Alice by Woody Allen

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Essay: Alice by Woody Allen

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Alice is an award winning movie written and directed by Woody Allen, starring Mia Farrow as Alice, the protagonist in the movie. Before delving deep in to the various cues that are present in the plot; it is best to first give a quick plot overview in order to gain ample amount of analytical insight into the story. Alice is over-privileged wife of a wealthy Lawyer, who spends most of her time grooming herself and gossiping with her friends. As her husband is lawyer, he spends most f is time working and is a very callus character, who treats his wife more or less like a possession that he acquired.

They have two children, who are being raised by their nannies and both Alice and her husband are living a completely absorbed in their own affairs. Life for Alice is going as smoothly as possible, until she meets an attractive Jazz Musician named Joe. Alice becomes amorously infatuated with Joe’s charm; however this comes in major conflict with her catholic values and this internal conflict surfaces in the form of back pain and that eventually leads to go see a Chinese herbalist, Dr. Yang. (Lee, 1997, P.p 291-297)

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