Essay: Was Alexander a Great Hero

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Essay: Was Alexander a Great Hero

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Alexander the Great was a man of substance whose actions and beliefs were inspired by God and spirit of Homer guided them. The great Alexander was hero, warrior and a superhuman possessing extraordinary skills, thirst for power and stern attitude. Making invasions and leading huge armies strategically, this General fought heroic battles and controlled and administered huge empires. Alexander’s conquest of the Persian Empire with a huge army of 42,000 soldiers and the invasion of Asia Minor proved his strategic skills. After defeating Darius at the Battle of Issus, Alexander further moved to Egypt and destroyed Tire. Through these conquests, he continued to defeat the whole of Persia and proved his heroism. (Tania, 182-186)

            One of the reasons for considering Alexander, the great, included him being an achiever. Besides that, he was an invincible general, a great king, an explorer and a remarkable leader. He is considered a great warrior and a legend. He fought and won many battles along with controlling and administering a huge army and big empire, all of which he had inherited from his deceased father. Moreover, his bravery, skills and strategies knew no limits when it came to his management.  (Jacob, 92-95)  The person of great velour and intelligence has formed the history of the world and made Greeks proud of themselves. However, his great failures included the fact that he did not listen to the opinions of his men. His ambition had made him reckless to go to the battles and take his men with him to die.  (Philip, 200)

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