Essay: Advantages of Immigration

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Essay: Advantages of Immigration

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The immigrants have rapidly adopted and adapted to the American way of life and they have greatly contributed to the American economy. Immigration brings countries closer and enhances communication between them, as a result there has been an economic boom. This rapid globalization reduces the distance between countries and opens up new markets for American businesses to capture.

Over the years, many companies American and foreign have expanded rapidly and as a result created new job opportunities for the entire global population. As Japanese and Chinese immigrants are known for being extremely devoted to their work, they work for long hours and are immensely productive. Zhou (1992) stated, “…Due to the community’s tradition they work long hours and on low pay, providing foundation for a profitable industry” (Page 182). Therefore it can be clearly seen that how immigrants have worked to establish American economy and led to greater productivity in various industries.  (Farnam, 2005)

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