Essay: Ability to achieve organizational change

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Essay: Ability to achieve organizational change

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According to a research paper by Robbins (2004), the focus laid on enforcing a stricter form of management allows the management to produce much better results subsequently. Not only does organizational management as defined by the objectives play a part but the practices of the management also play a role in this regard. In order to achieve change in the organization, a number of ideas have been considered ranging more from the more autocratic to the more democratic forms of management.

Despite all the various discussions and ideas being analyzed, the success of many such initiatives has remained low which proves that the ability to achieve organizational change is still questionable to a great extent.

While some might argue that the failure lies in the design and others in the way it was enacted what cannot be ignored or overlooked in this regard is the fact that everyone analyzes the plan differently. Variations exist in all our mind of what we all claim is the method of achieving success in our subsequent organizational change plans.

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