Essay: A higher value on (IDV) (MAS) and (UAI)

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Essay: A higher value on (IDV) (MAS) and (UAI)

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A higher value on Individualism (IDV) relates to a culture which has more focus on individual rights and their achievements. And a low value on this index means a more family oriented society which focuses on collectivism. IDV has a value of 71 for France and 91 for USA. It means in USA, individualism is more dominant over collectivism in comparison to France (Hofstede, n.d).

A higher value on Masculinity (MAS) indicates a male-dominant society and a lower value means a more balanced culture having equal rights and opportunities for males and females. In France the value of MAS is 43 and that of USA is 62. Thus France offers far more equal opportunities for both males and females (Hofstede, n.d).

A higher value on Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI) means the level of acceptance for uncertainty in a particular is lower and vice versa for lower value. The value of UAI for France is 86 and that of USA is 46. It means people of USA are more tolerant towards uncertain conditions as compared to France (Hofstede, n.d). (5)The value of LTO is not available for France thus comparison cannot be made on its basis (Hofstede, n.d).

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