Essay: The 7 deadly sins of Performance Measurement

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Essay: The 7 deadly sins of Performance Measurement

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The article’s topic” The 7 deadly sins of Performance Measurement and how to avoid them” focuses on operational performance; a fundamental issue plaguing all companies. Companies do have measurement devices for their performance buy their suitability can be questioned. The article then outlined the seven deadly sins attached with performance measurement; reasons behind the subsequent failure of companies who do not have appropriate measurement methodologies.

Vanity being the first; using such indicators that will allow the company and its employees look good-despite the subsequent losses form such occurrence. Provincialism; allowing company’s boundaries and concerns to affect the performance metrics.

Through the implantation of the above; it can result in sub optimization and conflict. Narcissism, when the company measures performance from its own view point rather than considering the viewpoint of the customer.

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