Should Children Have Strict Rules ?

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Should Children Have Strict Rules ?

The childhood of every person plays an important role in the development of the overall character of that person. For this reasons, parents, teachers, and guardians try their best to imbue children with moral principles and quality. They even take an extreme route to instill good character into their children by enforcing strict rules on them. Recently, there has been a great debate over the extent of the strict rules that have to be imposed upon children for a better character development.  Some people believe that forcing children to follow some strict rules makes children respectful and responsible. However, there are people who think opposite and believe that children should be given the liberty to practice what they will otherwise they will turn into a rebellious soul if they will be a force to follow strict rules of behavior.

The proponents of the theory of strict rules believe that those children who are motivated to follow strict behavior pattern since their childhood are often turned out to be responsible and respectable adults. If ever single child is motivated by his or her parents to avoid bad practices such as lying, stealing, consuming drugs, etc, then he or she will naturally become reluctant to practice such bad habits even when he or she reaches to the adulthood stage. As a result of this, a stable society free from all negative trend will start to appear. Children must be forced to obey strict rules of punctuality, honesty, and discipline. This will motivate them to be loyal to their duties in their later life.

On the other hand, the opponents of the strict rules posit that the imposition of strict rules has negative impact on the life of the subject. They believe that when parent forces their children to follow some strict behavior pattern, they are in reality stimulating a rebellious nature of their children. Psychologists believe that human beings have a curiosity to learn and practice a thing which is forbidden. As a result of restrictions, children get themselves involved in the restricted practices by lying to their parents and another adult around them.  However, if parent allows their children to practice whatever the will, then children will themselves learn that what is good and bad.

It is true that the childhood is the most important learning stage. There must be a balance between strictness and leniency. A child must not be imposed by too many strict values neither he or she must be given too much leniency.