Category: Sociology

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Essay: Substance Abuse

Sample Essay A)    Alcoholics Anonymous Before I delve deeper into my experience throughout an Alcoholics Anonymous session, I would first like to elaborate upon the function of this body. Alcoholics Anonymous is an international mutual aid movement that runs on the objective of helping alcoholics attain and maintain sobriety. It is a form of group…
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Social Actions

Max Weber, one of the most influential German sociologists, defined sociology as the science of social actions. It means any action in relation to other social affairs and other social actions. Max Weber himself differentiated such actions by given apt examples. A driver driving a car is performing a social action, however, a student reading…
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Essay: Discrimination and Non-Combatant Immunity

Jus in Bello is a yardstick of determining whether an act of terrorism can be justifiable. The first condition revolves around ‘discrimination and noncombatant immunity’. This aims at ensuring non-combatants and innocent civilians are immune from attack. Likewise, the state waging war must take reasonable measures to ensure they use the minimum force required to secure…
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Sex Education and its importance

Among many cultures in the world, especially Asia sex is considered a taboo and must be avoided in daily life conversations. It is something that is not very commonly discussed among some cultures. Talking about sex in such cultures is thought to be vulgar. There is a gap between parents and children and they cannot…
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Protecting Children From Harm And Abuse

Safeguarding children is the responsibility of the parents, their families, and their communities. However, it is also the responsibility of professionals whose profession are connected to the welfare of children to provide professional advice to parents, communities and schools the best way to safeguard the rights of children Professionals should utilize their knowledge, experience, and…
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