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Essay: Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Sample Essay Step1: – The Myers-Briggs personality test involved 72 questions involving a yes or no answer. According to the responses I made to all the questions, the test has established that my personality is INFP, the Jungian perspective on this result states that this combination of traits is fundamentally a part of people falling…
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Essay: Studies by Milgram and Zimbardo on Psychology

Sample Essay On a psychological front, the studies by Milgram and Zimbardo that analyze the pathology of power and how it affects people breaches a number of ethical guideline. Though, these studies produced copious amounts of data. These type of studies were and are highly enlightening for people, and thus provides explanation for the behavior…
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Essay: Traits of INFP people

Sample Essay P – P stands for Perceptive, this is another trait of INFP people who are emotionally strong and possess the ability to evaluate everything in a subjective manner. They have great insight in to the behavior and other aspects of other people’s personality. This attribute helps them to resolve people’s conflicts and be…
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Essay: Primitive Explanation in Psychology

Sample Essay In psychology, the most primitive explanation that was provided for abnormality was possession and during this witchdoctors were the most common form treatment given to individuals, who exhibited abnormal behavior. Though, evidence based practice provides a tried and tested path for medical practitioners, however, there were a number of ethical ramifications involved in…
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Essay: Suitable Careers for INFP People

Sample Essay The test result was incredibly enlightening for me because it defined my weaknesses and strengths and being an INFP the most ideal career choice for me is that of a writer, psychologist, psychiatrist or an artist. Since, I am naturally in touch with my emotion and possess great understanding and insight into the…
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