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Essay: War a Failure or Success against terrorism

Sample Essay There have been many long and controversial debates on the success or failure of the war against terrorism in the entire world. The general public holds a mixed opinions and viewpoints indicating that this issue has been a partial success and partially a failure. Before giving my opinion, I shall have to go…
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Pros and Cons of President Obama’s QE2 Policy

The stimulus economic package of President Barrack Obama was approved by Congress in February 2009. This package was calculated to stimulate economic growth and save up to 2.3 million jobs. As of October 30, 2009, 640,329 jobs had already been saved by this bill.  The package was to be put into effect over the next…
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Essay: The struggle between dictatorship and democracy

Sample Essay The struggle between dictatorship and democracy was long due because of the suffering of the European nations in which autocracies were in power ever since the formation of these countries i.e. Russian Federation, Germany, Italy etc.

Essay: The Alienated American Voter

Sample Essay The American voter feels alienated because he does not understand what is going on and Richard Harwood (1996) suggests that this is so because the newspapers fail to speak his language. He is more like Lippmann’s back row deaf spectator who though, has a vague sense of being attached to a system, but…
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Essay: Ratification of the Constitution

Sample Essay The ratification of the Constitution was in the hands of old Congress. It had the power to block or expedite the ratification process. The document which was presented in Philadelphia Convention was initially just a revision of Articles of Confederation.