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Essay: The traditional rational approach

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Social action or behavior is not merely bound the economic rational logistics but also by the normative considerations. The traditional rational approach is clearly insufficient in this regard and hence, unless a wider set of possibilities is not considered it can create issues for the management.

Essay: Theory regarding rationalization

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One of the more famous people who observed this psychological process and explained it in quite a lot of detail was Max Weber. (Laurence 1998)According to his theory regarding rationalization, it came into being when the people came to be convinced of the notion that religious views were insufficient to provide a proper understanding (Coleman, 1981).

Essay: Homogeneity of God

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The term spherical is entirely metaphorical and it is often contemplated that by tern ‘spherical’ Xenophanes is actually referring to the homogeneity of God and the fact that God is not subjected to any kind of change and remains homogenous no matter what happens. Hippolytus surmised that by spherical, Xenophanes was referring to the uniqueness of God and how he cannot be compared to him in any way. He subsequently elaborated upon Xenophanes’ beliefs in the following quote: