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Science and Technology

Science and technology are closely linked to considerable countrywide objectives in many areas like health care, environmental protection, economic growth and national security. These connections essentially raise the question of what goals the nation should have for science and technology and how these achievements should be reflected in organizational arrangements, investments, and areas of research…
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Shoulder Surfing

Shoulder surfing is a method of social engineering to gain access to info that they are not privy to. Shoulder surfing involves being adept at reading whatever users input into their computers using their keyboards; this included login names as well as passwords. Shoulder surfing requires a lot of practice to perfect, but with the…
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As security testers, it is important to know how to modify or alter some of the tools you usually make use of so as to suit your needs better. The creation of a customized script (where the script is a program that is used to automate a task that would normally take too much time…
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Essay: Intelligence Theories

Sample Essay According to Charles Spearman, abilities are correlated with each other and he came up with the two intelligence theory. According to him there are specific factors which measure intelligence. However, at the same time there is another widely held theory which has been given much importance- Robert Sternberg’s theory of triarchic theory.

Essay: Access to computer games

Sample Essay If one was to analyze the rend of violence in certain depraved areas which do not even have access to computer games for example in the African region, than how can the computer games be possibly blamed in such a scenario. Even in certain developed regions in the world, where poorer societies exist,…
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