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Essay: U.S History

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The Revolution of 1800s

From 1788 to 1800, the Republicans and the Federalists had opposing views concerned about the future of America. Alexander Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist Party who wanted to form a government which should bring financial, industrial, military and technological revolution in America. Hamilton had a vision to drive America to the greatest powers of the world.

Essay: The two prime and bold characters of Iliad

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The lliad represents many male characters which have the elements of heroism in them. Though, they do possess certain strengths and weakness, but have been described as the major role-players of the story. The two prime and bold characters include Hector and Achilles. Both of them have few similarities and varying differences as the important parts of their personalities.

Essay: Was Alexander a Great Hero

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Alexander the Great was a man of substance whose actions and beliefs were inspired by God and spirit of Homer guided them. The great Alexander was hero, warrior and a superhuman possessing extraordinary skills, thirst for power and stern attitude. Making invasions and leading huge armies strategically, this General fought heroic battles and controlled and administered huge empires. Alexander’s conquest of the Persian Empire with a huge army of 42,000 soldiers and the invasion of Asia Minor proved his strategic skills. After defeating Darius at the Battle of Issus, Alexander further moved to Egypt and destroyed Tire. Through these conquests, he continued to defeat the whole of Persia and proved his heroism. (Tania, 182-186)

Essay: The difference between ale and beer

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Michael Hall in his article about Beer History continues that in 15th-16th century beer brewing art stepped out from being a family practice and transformed into a trade. As breweries and monasteries started dealing in beers, mass consumption of beer started. The differentiation between ale and beer was done on the basis of hops.

Essay: The main objective of Hector and Achilles in Iliad

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While talking about the differences, we can notice a clear contrast in the personalities of the two characters, Hector and Achilles. Hectors is a family-oriented man, who is dedicated to his child and wife more than his wars.  While, Achilles is more towards living in solitude or with his close friend, Patroclus. Then, Hector has been easily fooled by the victories which gave him temporary satisfaction and he fails with it. Achilles, on the contrary, has been a realistic hero, who is brave and far-sighted enough to face the reality with courage.