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Essay: Methods of education and learning

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Other elements which made me reconsider my opinion were the fact that individualism plays an important role in deciding the future of any person. All of us possess different qualities and skills and these need to be accounted for. The example of Sudbury school of democratic thinking can be analyzed which asserts the idea of the various methods of education and learning.

Essay: Why are black males dropping out of high school

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This paper would review and analyze some research which has been carried out by different writers and authors regarding the reason as to why back males have been seen dropping out of high school. The analysis would be done in order to identify the pattern and any underlying weaknesses within this research.

Student Involvement and Academic Performance

Association in extracurricular exercises furnishes undergrads with chances to meet and interface with different understudies, investigate regions of premium, and add to the grounds and group. The quantity of projects accessible is stunning, with some grounds bragging more than 1,000 understudy associations from which to pick. With such a large number of decisions accessible and the weight to succeed apparently expanding, understudies can without much of a stretch get to be overpowered with their association outside of the classroom to the degree that it bargains their scholarly achievement.

Teaching and Learning

Learning is significant when the student can relate new learning material with previous knowledge existing cognitive structure. On the other hand, that the task is potentially significant, the ideas expressed symbolically should be related to what students know or have cognitive sense to him. This internal process in the mind of the person causes a change in their cognitive structure in the newly acquired and that which is linked with information. Similarly, the concept of discovery learning to achieve meaningful learning, based on that through the same teachers can offer students more opportunities to learn for themselves. Thus, discovery learning is learning where students build themselves their own knowledge, in contrast to traditional teaching or transmitting knowledge, where the teacher intended that the information is simply received by students.

Sex Education and its importance

Among many cultures in the world, especially Asia sex is considered a taboo and must be avoided in daily life conversations. It is something that is not very commonly discussed among some cultures. Talking about sex in such cultures is thought to be vulgar. There is a gap between parents and children and they cannot discuss or talk about sex so openly. Females in some cultures have to observe veil in order to hide sexually arousing parts of the body. There is a separate education for girls and boys and they cannot talk with each other.