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Essay: Findings of Research on Employee Turnover

Research proves that the recruitment process at Microsoft is very adequate according to the requirements since it is known as having the most unusual forms of exercises like one person quoted that during his interview at Microsoft the boss asked him to imagine the Queen of Darkness is standing right in front of him so…
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Essay: Employee performance and Organization Turnover

Employee performance is one of the factor for turnover because if performance is good they are recognized for it thus they are motivated to work better and employee satisfaction is higher. Satisfied employees will never leave but dissatisfied will obviously exit (Jewell & Seagull, 1990).

Assignment on Brand Promotion

A slogan or tagline attached to the brand or product can also increase the brand value, and implicitly convey the communicator’s message to the audience. It is also one of the features of the brand that can assist in differentiation for the consumers. It is able to further engage with the consumers, through conveying a…
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Developing a program for the workshop conducted by FedEx

The next step will be to plan and assign tasks to the various events in the program. First, there has got to be the confirmation of the speakers that will be in attendance. This will be followed by developing the program and its content. Several elements will have to be checked here and these include:

Essay: Employee Retention Strategies

Managers can take certain steps to retain employees and attract new ones and the strategies are as follows (Kaye, 2004): Don’t be a Jerk: As the saying goes that “People join a company but leave a manager.” This means that the manager was the reason to why the employee left. If all sorts of motivational…
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