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Essay: Theatre Production Analysis of Musical CATS

The CATS is a phenomenal musical created and produced by world renowned Andrew Lloyd Webber. This musical is based on a 1939 collection of T.S. Elliot’s poems Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. His affection for these poems which his mother read to him as a child inspired him to convert the poems into a musical in 1977.

The CATS premiered at the New London Theatre on May 1981 where it had 8,949 performances and hit the Broadway on October, 1982 with7,485 performances (TUTS, p.13).

Essay: Naturalism and the Status of an Artist

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We have learned from the history that during the period of early Renaissance many of the artists used various scientific tools. For example many artists used linear perspective and different geometrical tools. (Clark, 1983) Artists used scientific tools to make art more naturalistic in all aspects. This combination of science and arts is known as the scientific naturalism. The use of science allowed artists to believe in different kind of thinking and they all made big contributions in the early period of Renaissance. Scientific tools made their thinking more innovative and they started to believe that they are more than just skilled laborers. As the artists of Italy and other parts of Europe started the use of math and science they used their brains more than their hands.

Essay: Where did the era of Romanticism Originated

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The era of Romanticism was originated in Europe at the end of the second half of the eighteenth century.  Generally the word Romanticism is referred to some specific poets, musicians, writers and artists. This term also include philosophical and political thinkers of the eighteenth century.  It was an intellectual and artistic movement which gained popularity and power after Industrial Revolution. It was involved strongly in literature, visual arts and music.