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Should Euthanasia be legalized?

Euthanasia is referred to as deliberately killing someone who is suffering from terminal illness. A person suffering from a terminal illness does not have any chance of survival and he is deliberately put to death upon his request to end pain and misery. People suffering from terminal illnesses go through a lot of physical and emotional pain. In order to avert excruciating pain caused by a fatal disease, a person requests the doctor or a nurse to kill him usually done by administering a lethal injection. In some circles, euthanasia is a very controversial topic. (more…)

Should Children Have Strict Rules ?

The childhood of every person plays an important role in the development of the overall character of that person. For this reasons, parents, teachers, and guardians try their best to imbue children with moral principles and quality. They even take an extreme route to instill good character into their children by enforcing strict rules on them. Recently, there has been a great debate over the extent of the strict rules that have to be imposed upon children for a better character development.  (more…)

Should children be taught the importance of money?

In this materialistic world, everyone is in a constant race to earn money to make his/her both ends meet. In order to live a good life, the monetary acquisition is necessary. The young generation must be taught the importance of money so that they will learn the skills of managing money from early years of their lives. They will learn the ways to earn money and to spend money prudently. However, some people are not in the favor of early monetary education. They believe that children must learn other valuable things in their childhood such as moral principles. (more…)

Pros and cons of organ donation

The pros and cons of organ donation initially try to determine what ethical base if any can justify this process. The issue is better answered in the communities that we live in, and which entails a concept of justice and moral obligation. Contrary to popular belief, live people can donate organs. A person does not have to be dead for him/her to be a donor. A person can safely donate one Kidney and live a healthy life with the remaining kidney. Part of a liver, lung or pancreas may also be donated by live people without any possible ill effects on their life or well being. Bone Marrow and blood can also be donated by a living person. (more…)

Social Actions

Max Weber, one of the most influential German sociologists, defined sociology as the science of social actions. It means any action in relation to other social affairs and other social actions. Max Weber himself differentiated such actions by given apt examples. A driver driving a car is performing a social action, however, a student reading a book is not performing a social action. From the former example, it has been learned that the car driver is performing a social action because his driving affects other, while the student has no social effect or social relation with other, therefore, he is not performing a social action. (more…)