Case study of Sanofi-Aventis

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Case study of Sanofi-Aventis

Frankfurt Bio-tech an API site of Sanofi Aventis applied Six- Sigma methodology in their business operations for a period of four years. Almost each member of the organization was involved somehow in implementation process. The first step was the provision of all relevant data to Six-sigma application on company sites so that everyone in the company can have access to the information.

Next step was the initial training that was provided by Motorola which was followed by a full-fledged black belt training for one employee of the company and a general across the board training at comparatively low level for all employees. Company then implemented full-fledged six sigma approach in the company using its rigorous models and techniques and the result was huge savings of €3.7m per year. In year 2002, 3 six sigma projects were executed and savings increased to €4.5m. The road was now being paved for Sanofi Aventis. With the passage of time, they increased their number of professionally trained employees as well as the number of successfully executed projects and the result was a huge success that was clearly reflected in their huge savings (Stückrath, n.d),

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